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Posted on 01/17/2013
wow kiss 40 years strong,i just turned 50 and i have been a kiss fan since the day i saw them on midnight special,i have had the pleasure of meeting all members of the band and even working for peter and ace over the years,i have had alot of rough patches over the years ,deaths,of loved ones,money wows,ect ,i was a police officer for the last 27 years in a very dangerous city, failed marriage,but through it all,i never turned to drugs,or alchol,or violance,i turned to kiss,they were and are always there,noow my son who is 21 years old and also a die hard fan,has both my torch as i have retired,and my band kiss to help lend a hand when things get rough,thank you kiss for 40 years,lets all raise a glass to the next 40 !!!!!
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