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KISS and me

Posted on 01/17/2013
I remember the first time I saw a Kiss album cover, it was 1989, I was 6, the album cover was Dynasty and I remember thinking, whoa who are these guys? I pointed it out to my mum and she said you know them, that song you like Rock n roll and nite, they sing that and that other song you like, I was made for loving you, is on that album. The following weekend a kiss clip came on tv but they were unmasked and I knew of this band but did not realise it was the same band from the Dynasty cover (well you know what I mean), I was immediately intrigued by this awesome band, then in 1992 out came God gave rock n roll to you II and I could not get enough of the song. As the years went on I always admired Kiss but from afar, countless tours came and went to Australia but I could not go (mum wouldn't buy me a ticket Lol), so then in 2004 when they came to Adelaide for the rock the nation tour, I was not going to miss this and I won't lie, at this point all I owned of Kiss was the Second Coming dvd, which gave me a thirst for even more Kiss. So the 11th of May rolls around and I could not have been more excited, I painted my face as Gene and my friend was Paul, we drove to the concert blasting my friend's brother's copy of Alive II. We get to the venue, the line was massive of course, we lined up only to be told when we got to the door that we were at the wrong door, so then we had to run all the way around to the otherside, we got in and still managed to push our way up to the barrier. Fast foward to the concert intro and I basically nearly wet my pants I was so excited. You've all been to a Kiss concert so I don't need to describe it, for me it really was the most amazing night and I will never ever forget it!. Since that show I now own every album, every dvd, I have singing dolls, playing cards, puzzles, Kissopoly, calendars, books, t-shirts, condoms, cologne and countless other Kiss memorabilia and have not missed an Australian show since. So bring on KISS Monster tour 2013. Cheers guys.
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