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Posted on 01/17/2013
I first saw KISS one afternoon in 1974 (I was 11) on the Mike Douglas Show! I loved Alice Cooper, horror movies and comic books. And here I was seeing FOUR Alice Cooper's who combined EVERYTHING I loved in one frightening package! Since that day 39 years ago I have been with KISS through the great times, good times, and bad times. From that first KISS song, FIREHOUSE, to the newest album, MONSTER, they have been THE soundtrack to (most of) my life! I saw my first KISS concert 35 years ago this past week at the Civic Arena in Pittsburgh. Since that incredible show I have seen them 29 more times! I have met each of the original members at least once (Gene, Paul & Ace all in the same magical night at The Limelight in NYC on August 26, 1988 when Gene & Paul joined Ace for an encore of DEUCE... the photo of me with Gene taken that night). I have also met Eric Singer, who was one of the most approachable people in the world. My only regret was I never got to meet Eric Carr, who I have never heard one single bad word about. He is still missed to this day! KISS has been a HUGE part of my life. As I close in on 50 I can look back and thank them for so many great memories! So, CONGRATULATIONS KISS for 40 YEARS of ROCK 'N ROLL MAYHEM! I love you guys and wish you well as the PSYCHO CIRCUS continues....
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