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My admiration for them

Posted on 01/17/2013
I do not know where to start, let alone if you will read this, even though I have not read it hoping that I will write words that will come out of my heart. I live in Brazil, my name is Patricia and I'm 16. That's the way to get to you easier, my family can not afford to give me a ticket for any show you. Life here is not easy, I'm considered weird and many turn away from me because of my style, and because I rock Rock. Play guitar with two friends Vera and my cousin Daniela, want to start a band and we already have a name until Followers, the name is not very good pro gives more spending. Sometimes I discouraged, lose hope, this band will never work and there remember the story of you, and for all that passed and that excites me most. You are my inspiration, when I hear their music I travel, it's as if I was to another world, where nothing existed, a world where I do not suffer, where I do not cry, a world where I'm happy. I thank you for the inspiration they give me, thank you. I recognize that I am not his number one fan and not the best, but with the little I'm admire each of you. Sometimes I give up, stop dreaming there comes a song in the minds of you 'GOD GAVE ROCK & ROLL TO YOU' that has a part that says' If you want to be a singer, or play guitar Man, you gotta sweat or you will not get far Because it's never too late to work 9 to 5. "And that's me strength to move on. I still hope to play lots and lots of songs on my guitar you and wish you all the best for each of banda, thank you for everything and God help enlighten you so much. For each leave a message: 'Never stop believing in God, he always has the best for each of us, even if it takes the best always comes from him '.
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