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My first concert

Posted on 01/17/2013
Hi! So, my story begins like this. It was the spring of 2004 when i was turning 15 years old and my parents decided to send me to Disneyland as a gift, but one day, when i was reading the news paper, and i saw this great picture of KISS in an article, so, it called my attention and i read it. It was the big notice of KISS visiting Mexico on their Rock The Nation Tour! I had never been in a concert before and, at that time, all my school books had the KISS logo on them, i used to paint the national heroes or whoever appears on them with KISS makeup, so, i decided to use my birthday gift in that concert! The most shocking part of the concert was when Paul rode that thing that made him flew over the audience and play "I was made for loving you". Nowadays, i had the opportunity no see KISS live once again, but now on their MONSTER TOUR, in a bigger venue and all i can say is that THEY ARE STILL ROCKING MY LIFE!!!
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