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KISS Helped me when I wanted to study at College

Posted on 01/17/2013
Hey guys! :D My name is Marina, I´m 24 years old, I´m from Mexico City and I wanna share with you my Kiss Experience :) When I was 18 I wanted to study graphic design but a lot of people begun to tell be a lot of bullshit about what being a designer was, so I baecame a DJ because that was something I knew how to do it, but it never made me happy or filled me at all, I wanted to be a designer but I couldn´t, because I was scared about what my family and some other people could think about it. The time passed and I was pretty loser, I was totally unhappy, my life sucked and I got any money at all, but one day I met my actual boyfriend who showed me how magical KISS music can be, so he put the song "Crazy Nights" for me and I realized that I should fight for my dreams without listening other people, that just wanted to take me down instead of helping me, so I decided to look up for my dreams and became a designer instead of living my only life the way I was doing it, so I came for it. Last year I entered to college and I begun to study Graphic Design, I can´t tell you how much I love being the way I am now, I´m completely happy and I love to be what I´ve always wanted to be, and this is because of you guys! :D Now every morning when I´m on my way to school I listen to "Crazy Crazy Nights" song, it fills me with energy and a great attitude no matter what. I know my story might be a little silly comparing with others but words aren´t enough to describe how greatful I´m with you guys for helping me to find my way in life. Thank you Paul, Gene, Ace, Peter, Tommy, both Erics for being part of my life and for creating such a marvelous music!! I´m always gonna be your fan till the world ends and beyond! :D Please come back to Mexico soon, cause a new generation of the KISS Army Mexico has begun, my little brother who is 11 years younger than me is crazy for you guys ;D Sincerly Yours Marina Rbago aka Marine Starchild
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