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Tears are Falling

Posted on 01/17/2013
I am just telling a story about how great KISS is!! This took place during their Asylum Tour in Minneapolis, MN. I had a cousin who was killed in an accident at the age of 15, this was going to be his first concert his parents let him go to. His parents then tried to contact KISS and ask them to dedicate a song to him but whoever they got a hold of said they could not do it because then they would have many people from all over the world asking them to do that. They sent the parents and other two sons tickets to the concert and I ran into them there and found this out. And in the middle of the concert they said they where dedicating the song "Tears are Falling" to a boy who was suppose to be with us tonight but could not be. When they sang the song I could not sing along with it because I just cried, it was so AMAZING what they did. I would like to thank them for this.They probably do not remember this since they do so many amazing things for their fans. KISS KRUISE II was GREAT. I WILL see them again on KISS KRUISE III.
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