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40 years of KISS

Posted on 01/17/2013
Hi, my name is Seth Dickstein from Brooklyn New York. I am 40 years old and The rock group KISS has rocked my world since I was 4 years old, and that started just by looking At the artwork of the Destroyer album. Until I was 6, I didn't even know which band member sang the songs until I saw KISS meets the Phantom. I was also blown away by the alive 1 and 2 albums. It was the centerfold of the alive 2 album that made me want to see them in concert. I remember asking my mom if I can see them in 1978, she said no because the stage looked too dangerous in the picture. Well, since the 80's, I kinda faded away from kiss since new style of rap and other stuff came 1998, I saw Psycho Circus on Fox 5 and got that old feelin again and have been Re-hooked to this day and finally saw them 20 years later from when I originally wanted. I have seen them 6 times to date and want more. Kiss continues to Rock like nobody else and you can tell that they love doing it. KISS inspires me with their music and style.. KISS is a way of life!!!! KISS 40 years strong!!! Sincerely, Seth
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