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KISS Alive 40 years and going!

Posted on 01/17/2013
Hey my name is Bryant Carter. I've been a Kiss fan all of my life you may as well say. I haven't been around the full 40 years being 27 but I feel like I've been with em' since the days of "Love theme from Kiss" on up to "Freak" from the killer new album. I can remember back to my earliest memories of 3 yrs old seeing my mom play Kiss videos like Kiss Exposed, Kiss Animalized live, and even Kiss Meets the phantom. She also had the Crazy Nights vhs with the 3 music videos for "Crazy Nights" "Turn on the Night" and "Reason to Live.I was hooked. I even used to ask for toy guitars so I could smash them on the kitchen floor or put a penny inside and see if smoke would come out. I can even name every Kiss album in the order that it came out. Ace and Paul and really the whole band made me want that life. Especially after I got to see them on the reunion tour. September 8th 1996 at the Capital Center in Largo Maryland. That's the same place and stage you see them performing the clip of "cold gin" on the Kiss Xtreme close up and personal video. I also remember being sad and happy at the same time on the Fare Well tour. I felt like I had grown up with them so I was kind of like "now what" but obviously we already know that answer! It all made me realize that I wanted to play music. Now at 27 I have my own album called The Bryant C Project, and have played in places like The Roxy in LA to NY city. I owe it all to them. Paul, Gene, Peter, Ace, Eric, Vinnie, Mark, Bruce, Eric, and Tommy. At one point or another they have all been helping keep KISS ALIVE for 40 years, and still going strong. A fan always, Bryant Carter
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