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Young KISS fans.

Posted on 01/17/2013
Like many other fans, I have grown up with KISS. They have been there through thick and thin with me. I can go on and on but there just isn't enough time. Why I am writing this letter, is to mention how my 4 year old son loves KISS. Through many generations and different genres of music...KISS still keep kicking ASS. We live in Southern Ontario,Canada. My daughter is also a KISS fan she is 6yrs old.A lot of kids their age probably don't know of KISS, but mine do. They are amazed at the videos,shows,pyros, costumes etc...Nothing better than hearing my son sing Deuce of Modern Day Delilah. He loves his KISS transport,his KISS Christmas ornaments he got for Christmas, but the best is when both my kids ask. " Daddy when can we see KISS'? So Paul,Gene,Tommy and Eric...Next time you are in Hamilton,Ontario playing at Copps Coliseum, there will be a few young KISS fans watching in awe with their dad.Keep rockin'. Can't wait for my kids to witness a great show. Because they want the best and they will see the best. The hottest band in the world KISS! See you soon.
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