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The path of my life

Posted on 01/17/2013
I am 41 so Kiss was there when i born, even I used to said my friends that when i was born my first sound was KIIIISSSSS!!!! LOL Kiss always was and is present in my life, their music made my childhood and youth a very happy and reason to be up even things go bad, of course my favorite was Ace, but all the memebers got one thing special. I tried to collect all i can from them and it was so sad when Eric dies, he was part of my Kiss family, I missed the ACE and PETER era but the heart of Kiss still with this no new members. Thanks for all this journey and soundtrack of not only my life KISS will rules forever in my life and beyond like the only tatoo i have of course the 4 signs!!! Pepe De Lira, Cancún MX
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