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My Birthday with KISS

Posted on 01/17/2013
Well, I started liking Kiss really young, around the age of seven, for my cousin Rafael had the Unplugged VHS, therefore, i was fascinated by the Hottest Band in the World. After an immense frustration for not being able to go to the show in 2009 (due to low age) on september 28th, I read the news that would make my year be worth it: KISS would come and make a show at São Paulo at my birthday of 18 years. Since then, anxiety every day, I am not joking, I was already being execrated by my friends, because I couldn't speak of anything else. So, there came the day, me and my friendn named Nelmo arrived at Anhembi Stage, and there I could realize how incridible Kiss really is, for it connects all people around in such a way that I can create a lot of friendships there, that are taken for the rest of life. I myself have made friendships there. I don't need to speak anything of the performane in itself, because it's a visual shock to see every second that Kiss performs, and with luck, I could stay in a place that during the song "Love Gun" (when Paul flies above people) I was about 10 meters away from the platform in which he performed. I don't even need to talk of how much jumping and singing I did, practically using my friend as support to be able to stand, and totally out of voice. But every second there, made me find out and understand what would be that would really make me happy, and for me, moments like that of the show, represent the real meaning of the word Utopia. Thank you Kiss for the magnificent show, and for me to have had the chance of the best birthday of my life
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