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Part of who I AM

Posted on 01/17/2013
It was 1975, I was 5yrs old, my brother had an 8 track of KISS ALIVE. I didn't know who they were, but the cover of the 8 track was four guys that were different. They were like right out of a Universal monster movie. I listened to the tape over and over. I fell in love with the music and was hooked. My brother never did get the tape back. The 70's was a great time to be a KISS fan. I caught a lot of flak in the 80's during school for being a KISS fan, but I stood tall. Now at 43 I'm still the biggest Kiss freak. I have been to many KISS concerts. I own a whole lot of Kiss stuff and it is throughout my house. My wife and kids are KISS fans and have been to concerts. My kids first concerts were KISS concerts. It means alot that I was able to share my love of KISS with my kids at a concert. Kiss is part of my fabric it IS who I am. KISS songs and albums have marked the time in my life. It is the soundtrack of my life. It is a huge deal to alot of us long time fans that our band we love dearly has been around and producing music we love for so long. There are lots of people like me that don't know life without KISS. And I would not change it for anything. I am so greatful for all the music. Thank You and keep ROCKIN'. _I,,I
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