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Fan Memories

Posted on 01/17/2013
I can say at 40 years old, I have been a KISS fan since I can remember. Even before Phamtom came out, I remember seeing and hearing KISS on the radio as a child. I loved the loud bombastic sound. As I grew up, so did my loyalty for KISS. When I would wake up in the morning for school I had the tape player or record palyer set to come on with a KISS album. I have seen each incarnation of the band live and the music and show still remain the draw. Now that I have kids, they have been to the past 2 tours with me and they love it. My mom says they pretend to act out KISS moves like I did when I was young. This is the impact you have had. Keep rocking KISS. There is no one or no group waiting to fill your shoes.
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