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KISS 40 Years

Posted on 01/17/2013
What can I say that so many others haven't said? As a barely 11 year old kid in the summer of 77 I heard my first KISS song "Got To Choose"and first album Hotter Than Hell. I sorta liked music before but this was different. There was something purely magical about those opening riffs that sounded like nothing I had ever heard and I would just stare at the speakers in amazement. This band has been my fortress ever since through good times and bad. KISS definitely changed my life and I'm still listening to this day. I am in a tribute band called KISS America playing and singing all those classic songs(as Paul) as well, and nothing else comes close to the feeling that the music-yes THE MUSIC-gives me.And I learned how to write songs of my own as well because of KISS. So to hell with the critics and that clueless Hall Of Fame because they just do not understand what KISS is all about. And it's more than just a band who wears make-up! To Gene, Paul, Tommy, Eric and past members: I can't thank you all enough for always, without fail, delivering the best show and sound in all of rock and roll.
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