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Posted on 01/17/2013
Back in the summer of 1975, I was 9 years old, I was travaling with my family down here in Brazil. We stopped in a gas station, after the meal my father bought a cassete tape, orchestra or something, but the guy who worked there made a mistake and gave the wrong tape to my dad. It was a rock tape, Suzy 4, Slade and KISS. When I heard the tape(my dad was about to throw it away) my soul went to mars when I heard KISS(c'mon and love me and strutter) and when I came back to my city and saw Alive I I was in love with KISS. And that's how my KISSTORY had begun. I watched all the KISS concerts here in Brazil(the first one was in 1983 and the last one was in nobember 17 2012, best concert ever.)
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