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KISS has been my joy of life since 1984!

Posted on 01/17/2013
Hi KISS Army! This year is very special for Kiss and KISS fans, we are celebrating the band`s 40 th anniversary and it is gonna be huge year and many amazing moments are coming. I started listen KISS in 1984 when I bought Alive 2 vinyl from record store in Helsinki. That amazing centerfold stage pic captured my mind right away and I listened those great songs over and over again. Also Gene looked so cool on the back cover. In 1984 Kiss was very huge and popular in Finland and Scandinavia, all the rock magazines were full of great Kiss stories and posters and of course I had to follow them all the time, bought OKEJ magazines and so on when it was released. My first KISS gig was in Helsinki on Crazy Nights European Tour in 1988. I went there with my brother Riku, who is also a big KISS fan. They had magical Eric Carr on drums and also I liked that unmasked lineup with Kulick, they did so great albums in 80`s. I grew up with listening them. I met KISS for the first time also in Helsinki 2008 at meet and greet before their concert. It was a highlight of my life. It took like 15 minutes, they were so nice for people, signing autographs, chattin few words with people and so on. Also now my brother`s daughter is KISS fan, so KISS legacy will continue in our family, haha. KISS has given me so wonderful memories and experiences over 28 years and the journey will continue, thanks for everything guys and congrats, 40 years and still rockin, we salute you! All the best and see ya on tour this summer - Saku-
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