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Posted on 01/17/2013
Kiss were where Metal Finalized It's vision! The Black & Silver Metal look & The Makeup. Kiss All sang Baratone & that was incrediably important, This was all about Power! That & The Fact that Kiss played the Bass as a Lead instument made them even more Powerfull. I made money taking out the Garbage to buy Dressed To Kill when It was released. Dressed To Kill is still Their Greatest Album throughout, Beginning to End No below par songs! We were a Kiss Household ever since, Through breakups, lineups, reunions & conclusions. The Last Two Kiss Albums show that Kiss is Metal not to be reconed with easily. I have All of Kiss's Albums & All of the Kiss Books. The Gene Simmons Doll is still running around here like a Black & Silver Gremlin, There He goes! Kiss is a Monumental Achievement in All American Music. I Love Kiss for the Whole Package, Thanks Gene & Keep Wishing Opon A Star!
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