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letter of my KISS´experience

Posted on 01/17/2013
My best experience with KISS was on the show that they were played at the Obras Sanitarias Stadium the night of 09/05/1994 in Argentina. That night we had over 8,000 people in a stadium for 5500. The show was sold as "Fan Exclusive" and if you carried your ticket of the failed 1983 KISS show at the Boca Juniors Stadium, the promoters downplayed you a 30% return for that ticket. Nobody gave that ticket. The stadium roared by KISS. We all screamed and sang from maybe 1 hour before they appeared on stage. It was a meeting of all the sickest fans they could have known worldwide and the Masters of Rock. At the end of the second song the whole Stadium overwhelmed KISS´ ears with the world famous "Yo soy Kisserooo es un sentimiento que no puedo parar". Paul knelt in front of the audience and looked like not knowing what was happening. He thanked all the audience over and over again. Gene and Bruce walked to the backstage for someone to translate what people were saying. Eric Singer madness enjoyed the show. It was the only one of my 18 KISS´shows where people hid Paul's voice despite the immense and thunderous sound that night. The entire audience applauded wildly Eric Carr. At the end of the show a lady from the audience jumped and clung to Paul kissing him as her first time. There was no blood, no flights or fireworks. There was a communion among all the fans who had waited to see KISS for a long-long time (since 1978 in my case). That night, the spirit of Rock and Roll was present. And the covenant of love between the band and their fans Argentine was sealed. That love continues until today and will last forever. That show is still in the hearts of all who were there. I was there, I am here and I will be there.
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