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21 Yrs of KISS

Posted on 01/17/2013
Hi all, My name's Johnny and I'm a resident of South FLA formally of Brentwood NY. The first time that I heard a KISS song that actually registered with me was during the closing credits of Bill & Teds Bogus Journey.The track was God Gave Rock n Roll To You. There was something about that song that I couldn't shake. It was in my head ALL the time. After talking to a friend of mine a few years later, he told me his brother had the album and the band was called KISS. We hung out in his basement and listened to the cassette which was obviously REVENGE. While listening to this album and seeing the images of the band, it awoken me. These guys on the back of the cassette looked like the most bad ass mofo's on the planet and I was hooked. I borrowed the cassette from my friends older Brother and brought it home to show my Mom so she could buy it for me. ( I was 11 lol ) She saw the name KISS and flipped out. Telling me how she used to listen to them when she was in High School and told me stories about the make up and the costumes, the shows and the pyro. It was weird connecting with my Mom on that level because when you're 11 who wants to be into what your Parents were into? I got the album and fell in love with every track. To this day a CD is in my car and the digital version is on my iPhone. My Dad bought me a VHS called KISS XTREME CLOSE UP which was a great feature. One on one interviews and music videos ect. Thats where I learned my Kisstory. I got to meet Bruce Kulick at a KISS convention. Which was amazing for me. You have to understand although Ace was the Original Guitarist, Bruce was MY KISS guitarist. Meeting him was very surreal because he was the most down to earth person I've ever met. Signed anything we took to him and took the time to just talk like a normal person, not a rock god lol. I met Paul at the Wentworth art gallery. I tried to get a handshake but instead got a wink and a thumbs up which was still cool. He was there as Paul the Artist and had a clientele to provide for. I was just a huge fan so I took what I could get lol. Love the band. All stages of the band. Thank you for continuing to do what you do. I took my Girlfriend to her first KISS show with Motley Crue this summer and she had a blast. Now we are awaiting the birth of our Son, with whom I will also bring to KISS concerts. Thanks again!
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