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Posted on 01/17/2013
It started in 1976, i was living in the united states, i was 9 years old, i saw the halloween special with kiss and it all changed, later i went back to my country venezuela and i never heard kiss again, until i went to high school there i met my buddy Roman and he had kiss records and played kiss songs in his acoustic guitar, inwas eleven the year 1978 we herad alive II for hours, Dr. Love was aour favorite song, but we used to play and sing the whole set from detroit rock city to shuot it out loud, it was on my 42nd birthday in 2008 april 17th merely six blocks away from my old high school that i got to see kiss live for the first time in its concert in caracas, i painted my face a peter criss and had the time of my life, best birthday ever kiss made my day, the sountrack verything up to the elder and some songs from the non make up days, kiss has been a part of my life since allways, 40 years of rock!!!!!!!! thank you kiss
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