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Fan since 1976

Posted on 01/17/2013
Time flies. my introduction to Kiss came in 1976,when i was 8 years old with the release of Destroyer. a friend had brought to school the single "Detroit Rock City/Beth" on a 45,and played it,and i was hooked. when i first heard that,i hadn't yet seen a picture of the band,so right away,it was the music that did it for me,and unlike alot of others,i learned to get past the makeup and realize that first and foremost,they were a great rock and roll band. when i finally saw a photo of them,that sealed the deal for me,because not only did they sound cool,but they looked cool. now,all these years later,i'm 44 years old and married and my wife is just as much a fan as i am(she loves Paul,especially:) i have been with Kiss through the lineup changes and through ups and downs and have never wavered in my love for Kiss. i think the current lineup is much tighter musically than the original band..and that's saying something. May they continue as long as it's fun for them... Never stop rocking,guys and Happy Anniversary! thanks for all the amazing years of awesome rock and roll and live performances that all the other bands have never been able to match.
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