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my first show memory

Posted on 01/17/2013
hi ! to the best rock band in the world. I'm a kiss fan since i was 10 years old and now i am 46!!!! i first saw the band on the return of kiss in 1979 on a monday of the 6 august. i had to convince my father to go there so i went by my mother for that with tears in my eyes like it was the end of the world! so well my father came with me and my friend at the time to the montreal forum.My father listen to french country music and when to church on sunday all his life !!!! all he said after the show in his car was"very good show but don't tell your mom i told you so"....since my father was very strict but the best man on heart i wonder if he reallised he gave me the world that day. ever since i went to see the band when they came to montreal and even when to see in quebec on plaine d'abraham!!!!! i was almost born a kiss fan and i'll die one for sure! plb
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