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How you met KISS?

Posted on 01/19/2013
Dear Kiss I first knew about you in primary school, which was religious, during a school event. Suddenly I heard this beautiful song and the voice of the singer captivated me incredibly. I couldn’t resist and went to the dj and he said “It’s Kiss, the singer is Paul Stanley and the song is Shandi”. From then on, I started looking for pictures or videos. In Southamerica we didn’t get much information. I used to take pictures of the tv to have photos of you in hand. Here’s a funny, sincere, intimate and naughty video subtitled of a chat two friends and I had about how we first knew about Kiss and how you affected our lives. Kiss, what a great power! After so many years you still move us deeply like the very first day! Congratulations for these wonderful 40 years. Thank you KISS! We love you! Here’s to you! Shandi Rock
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