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KIss Memories

Posted on 01/18/2013
Kiss memories. I have so many i will try to categorize them simply,some of them. late 70s * putting on kiss make up formt he kiss make up kit,using my plastic kiss guitar and putting on Kiss lip sync shows with friends * I had my tonsils taken out in 78 and a week later i threw up alot of blood,i almost died,when i got home i got an early Christmas present (Ace's solo album *seeing Creatures under the Christmas tree,playing atari listening to the Elder and Creatures. *going int he store to buy LICK IT UP ,my mom took us and seeing the cover and so excited to get home and listen * watching KISS world premiers on MTV ,Heavens on fire in paticular * seeing the REASON TO LIVE video around Christmas and getting the pic disc to Reason to live for Christas.i still listen to that song every Christmas season * i can go on and on ,but buying Sonic Boom out of the box and the blankets,potato heads these are very few many more but for what its worth,heres what i submit
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