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I congratulate KISS with great date!

Posted on 01/18/2013
I heard in 1980, almost fresh album DYNASTY! Then KISS were banned in our country .I me then neighbor Oleg said that KISS is not from Germany not from somewhere else!)) He put me on his KISS then a reel to reel tape COMET! And he was still a tiny black / white photo on the cover DESTROYER ragged on the coners.And neighbor said then that he was told that among musicians Kiss a Girl!))))))))) and then we wondered who it is))))))))))) and then on the little pictures where it was decided that she vaguely is Ace Frehley (but we did not know what one called.) But the most interesting thing that we already know them stage names and call them so)) - Dragon, The Boy with the star, and the Catman and SpaceMan.) And since this is my favorite band, and then I asked my mama to get me a guitar and I started back then pick out songs like Magic Touch, 2000 man, Charisma, Sure know smth. and a year after persistent of painstaking I played them in the yard, along with the things AC / DC from the album Highway to Hell.A fuzz guitar sound I did inserting akkust.guitar pickup and connected to a large receiver URAL))) normally buzzing)) )))))))))))))))) And then almost at the same time one of my school friend, Oleg, too, showed me colored German magazines photo concerts KISS!!!!!!!!! !He then somehow him father brought back from Germany! .I here then we have already begun to understand more then the band itself!'s. So, guys, I congratulate KISS with great date!Listen to KISS and let it be rock and roll all night!))
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