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When everything changed, not knowing where it would stop.

Posted on 01/18/2013
Kiss met by chance at age 12, a friend left some cds at home including a Kiss, caught my attention by its cover, was the Alive II, as custume to hear a new album jumped the tracks bad, and for the first time I heard the entire disc without skipping anything, just went almentando volume dquele every track that for me is the best live album of rock n roll. I was then behind more information about those painted faces that made me want to hear those just starting there songs in one month had already bought some KISS records and spent the day listening to it. I decided to see Ace guitar solos and impressive when I got a VHS with images of the band, and could not have another guitar that was not a Gibson Les Paul. Today at age 30 have a reference in Kiss of musicians, people negocios.In kiss and love the fans and the music are always ahead of anything and that makes them the best rock band of all time, and it could not be another banda Hindo the rock, the one that says exactly what lovers want Kiss, rock and roll and party nigth al ervery day. Long live KISS and his lasting legacy.
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