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Happy 40th Anniversary Guys!

Posted on 01/18/2013
First off I Like to wish KISS A Happy 40th Anniversary! Ive been following KISS now since 1981 and gotta say what made my moment of a lifetime was finally meeting Gene and Paul at the accoustic set in St Louis back on August 27th, 2012! The one thing that will always stay with me! Also the Fact Gene asked me about my Gloves i always wear. Got a laugh out of that one! Eric told me he seems to see me everywhere and i told him you will see me again! Im always telling people the most important thing about KISS is the music first. Everything else is secondary. Without the music you wouldnt be able to go to a store and buy KISS Goodies. Just keep on rockin for the new Generation and let them experience the music as your doing! Monster in my opinion is the best , better than Sonic Boom! Thank you for everything that you have given over the past 40 years and will see you out somewhere on the Monster tour, thats a promise!
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