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Posted on 01/18/2013
my dad owned a record store, in 1974 when i was 13 he brought home an album, he said it looked like something i would like. HA HA. Well it was the first KISS album and yes he was right I liked it. KISS has been my number one band ever since. Ive seen the guys many many times starting in 1976 in new orleans, which was my first concert by the way. Through all of KISS's ups and downs over the years ive always liked them. I did a meet and greet with my son and the current line up a few years ago. We had a blast. In you collage of KISS Kisstory i did notice no pics with Mark or Vinny, im kind of dissappointed in that. Like them or not they were part of the band. KISS is and has been a one of a kind band. I enjoy the web site and really look forward to seeing you again when you come New Orleans way on this tour.
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