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KISS fan from the 70s

Posted on 01/18/2013
Dear KISS When I was 7 I wanted to go to the KISS concert in Australia, my mother wouldn't let me go because she thought I would get kicked by Gene Simmons boot by accident. I used to go grocery shopping with mum and embarass her by wearing the Cat make up. 15 years later I'm working at a pub and a Kiss tribute band is playing at a venue on the Gold Coast (pictured). 17 yrs later after that I'm still a fan and we (meaning my husband can meet and I have to wait outside, cos we couldn't afford 2) have meet and greet tix at Brisbane, I've seen them masked and unmasked, the so called final tour on the Gold Coast, but this tour with Motley Crue will be awesome. Hope Gene signs my husbands Gene Simmons Axe guitar we bought. Look forward to the Australian Tour and Shandi will always be my favourite song xox Tracy King
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