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Congratulations for this 40 years

Posted on 01/18/2013
I ve enjoyed of hundreds of beautiful kissmoments. From I discovered them in 1983/4, 10 years old, that everyday of my life is full of wonderful kissmoments!. At the end of the 80s decade I started to be a die hard fanatic. Back in the 90s everyday of my life think about KISS, everyday listen albums, watch videos, always checking the Kiss sites and forums on the net, and every they talking about them with fans around the world, specially with Argentina's KISSoldiers. There's a special kissrelation between Barcelona, Buenos Aires and me. Through the years one of them is actually my beautiful wife and mother of two "kissed" sons. They give me my best personal moments thanks to KISS. Others fans are now my best closed friends. And well, through the years my life still turning with KISS and my holidays always depends of the KISS tours. I specially remember the first time I watch KISS on TV, purchased my first records, old magazines, photos and others items or gifts and meetings with some of KISS members too. A lot of exciting moments in different KISS concerts in Barcelona, Madrid, Zaragoza, London, Paris, Bilbao or the last concert I ve been in the River Plate's Stadium. But maybe one of the best exciting moment that give me the band was listen and see the Unplugged, looks between Paul Gene, Ace and Peter ... wooooow... They turned his magic for a few seconds! - And the following Reunion World Tour was a fantastic moment. When I feel sad or down pray to KISS , haha and listen Alive! or the new album Monster helps to me. It a good medecine and a pleasure to hear the 4 KISS with Eric & Tommy. They still feel me alive, wild, sexy, young and crazy ! I love you guys, congratulations for this 40 years of Kisstory ! Long life KISS! KISSes from Barcelona dACEniel
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