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Best band! Best fans!

Posted on 01/18/2013
Hi! That Kiss is the hottest band in the world is of no doubt to us worldwide fans. Kiss have though also the most loyal and devoted fans. For example, my wife and I travelled from Sweden to USA in oct/nov 2012 to experience the Kiss-Kruise II. Due to heavy winds in London we missed our connectionflight from London to Washington DC and had to stay at London for 8 hours. When In DC (checking out museums) the storm Sandy gets nearer and although we succeed to reschedule our flight they close the airport a few hours before we are supposed to go. No buses or trains available, everything caught up in the storm. So, we just have to hire a car and drive to Miami, took 17 hours non-stop. After the Kiss-kruise our plane from Miami is delayed for hours due to damages from the storm which means we misses our connectionflight from Madrid to Stockholm and have to stay in Madrid for another night. Finally back in Stockholm after many,many hours on planes, cars, etc our luggage is lost! Anyway, it came back after a few days... In sum, apart from the Kruiseship, no transportation worked according to schedule. Would we do it all again to experience the Kiss-kruise? YES, the kruise was FANTASTIC and we would do it all over again if we had the chance. The fans are as loyal to the band as the band are as loyal to the fans! Let´s hope for another 40 years! /Patrik and Helena
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