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KISS and me

Posted on 01/17/2013
My Tribute to KISS by Milton Koons Dear KISS, I wish you to know what you have meant to me. I was 12 years old in the summer of 1975 when I first listened to “Rock and roll all night”. Skyler, my younger brother, had just purchased the 45 and he wanted me to hear the band he discovered. Immediately we were hooked by your music, style, and look. At that time we were being bombarded by our parents' musical interests, which included Buck Owens and Merle Haggard. Needless to say KISS rescued us! From those formidable years you were with me and vigilantly remained close where ever life took me. From elementary school to college, Army boot camp to Drafting school in Fort Belvoir, VA.. Then onto adult life with all the employers I labored for and finally marriage and children. You even played a role in my eldest daughter Heidi's birth, when I chose Beth as her middle name. Many have heroes and suffice it to say you became thus. Throughout my sojourn you added magic to all I witnessed, heard, and experienced. Indeed because of KISS my personal highs became intensified and the lows much more tolerable! When I needed an escape you became my refuge and fortress in the wilderness. You always understood me and tirelessly offered encouragement and motivation. Your song “Flaming youth” fit my teen years perfectly. In fact so many of your songs reflected my thoughts and experiences that I felt as if you were talking to me personally. Hence from such things I gained a close relationship with KISS. My first KISS concert became reality in Nov. 1977 at the age of 15. All the rumors were proven true....KISS is the best! That show cemented my love of my rock band. In 2000 I lived a dream of taking my family to see KISS in concert. Witnessing my kids enjoying the show like I had years earlier was sweet indeed. It became a family memory for the ages! Another great experience occurred in 2003 when my son and I attended a meet and greet back stage during another powerful KISS concert. Shaking hands and chatting with my gracious “uncles” nearly had my eyes misty. My son ate the experience up rather easily as he barked at me to “man up” and stop embarrassing him. And yet another dream was recently realized as Tami and I sailed the Caribbean on KISS Kruise I in Oct 2011 (and will again in Nov 2012)! Today as a grandfather the legacy continues as I clothe my grandkids in KISS onesies and teach them to bust a move to the KISS classics. In closing, I have been asked many times if I am KISS' biggest fan? Such a query is debatable. However, be assured all who even remotely know me understand one would be hard pressed to find a more loyal and dedicated KISS Army- Navy member! Thanks Gene Simmons / KISS! Sincerely, Milton Koons 3/19/12
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