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meeting the band on the Intrepid

Posted on 01/17/2013
As a fan since '76, I'd have to say my best memories were of the Reunion Tour. I was lucky enough to meet my brothers in arms in full regalia, and I was in heaven! It was at the press conference on the USS Intrepid in NYC, announcing the tour. Gene was funny. I said to him, "You...are...the...greatest...!" and he said, "Thank you. Now I know you're a rock star too, but I have to go and be interviewed by VH1"! The best part of the story though was when the conference was over, security had cleared all the fans out, but my friend and I hid behind the huge KISS logo that adorned the stage. We waited for all to leave, and "mingled" in with the was something I'll never forget. KISS, thank you for getting me through the rough times and making me happy. There is no other band on Earth like you, and I love you guys more than you may know. You are the soundtrack to my life. Happy 40!! Sincerely, Joe Pensanti
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