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Posted on 01/19/2013
happy 40th guy's. with such an iconic band. it's so very hard to just start, to tell you how much kiss has influenced my life!. first kiss song. that really got me goin in the liss army. was strange way's. first saw them. in 1976. on the paul llynn holloween show!. as gene n paul. alway's have said. kiss. just isn't a band for everyone. it's a band that makes it's own rules. don't follow anyone's path, but your own. growing up. if you were into kiss. you wer'e usually frayed upon. outcast. but us in the kiss army, knew better. we knew. just like our hereeo's, wer'e once outcasts themselves. we would have the last laugh. and look? 40 years later. who's laughing now? rock n roll , hall of shame? kiss! has seen me through so many events in my 48 years. the passing of both my parents. girlfriends, that came and went. their music, had strengthen me, threw so many ups and downs, just to many to type. they knew. when their battle cry went out, before each show. you wanted the beast! you got the best. hottest band in the world. KISS. they meant it. they alway's said. the fans wer'e their bosses. they knew? we wer'e the most loyal fans. we were an army!. thank you to everyone in the kiss army. the original 4 kiss members to start off with. also. bruce kullick, eric carr, tommy thayer, eric singer, anton fig, vinnie vincent, mark . st john, so many roadies , managers, to mention. but surely one i have to. THEE GREAT BILL ANCOIN. for not for bill's wisdom. and believe for kiss. these 40 years. would have never happened. also to sean delaney. kiss first cheographer. taught kiss, how to move onstage. wrote songs with gene n paul also. the great eddie bandallas. genes first bodyguard with kiss. such a character eddie was. r.i.p eddie. 1952-2011. and god bless kiss. to another 40 years. hmmm! somehow. i think gene n paul. will figure out someway to make it. lol. mark. g cianfarani. HAPPY BIRTHDAY GUY'S.
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