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40 years of KISS Greetings fron Venezuela

Posted on 01/19/2013
I've been a KISS fan just 3 years ago and part of the KISS Army since a month. I start on this amazing world with The KISS Symphony video and I was excited cause that was the first time I saw a band with that much energy and passion at stage. Then I bought the 3 disc edition of Sonic Boom the KISS Klassics with the greatest song I've ever heard then Sonic Boom that is such an amazing album and at last it came with KISS live from Buenos Aires. Then I became a KISS Fan I start to buy all the albums, DVD's everything. I wish KISS came back to Caracas Venezuela again! Hope to see to see you Live. Happy 40th Annyversary to Gene, Paul, Peter, Ace, Vinnie, Bruce, Eric Singer and Tommy. R.I.P. Mark St John and Eric Carr is a shame you are not here to celebrate it but I alaways remember your contibution to the KISStory. Long Live KISS 4ever!
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