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40 years of memories

Posted on 01/19/2013
Iíve been a KISS fan sense 1975, first time I saw KISS was back in January of 1977, Chicago stadium. I was amazed the first time I saw them in concert, sense then I have seen them preform 50 plus times throughout the years. Met grate KISS fans all over the world and I have also met all the members of the band including ERIC CARR (he was the best drummer that I ever met in rock n roll). Eric was loyal to his fans and never rushed time with his fans while talking to us. I am so thankful for their inspiration in music and merchandise (which I have plenty of), I am looking forward to the Monster tour in 2013/ 40th anniversary tour. Hope they will come out with tour book (40th anniversary tour book). Brought my kids to a lot of the KISS concerts many times and my mother to show who is the best rock n roll group of all times KISS! Sincerely #1 fan in the world Mark Goss
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