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KISS Fan from Brazil!!!!!

Posted on 01/19/2013
Hello my name is Ricardo Leon F. Serikawa, I'm 34 years old and fan of the band since 1983. The historic passage of KISS in Brazil made many Brazilians know rock n 'roll fan and turned on first sight. Followed virtually the entire history of the band. The first song I heard was the band I love it loud and wild drums that made my head along with that rungido ahhhhhhh yeahhhhhh. Fantastic!! I won the album Creatures of the nigth and my brother loved the disco, I watched the tv show the Maracana, that tank was beautiful the show was magical!!! Then followed the circulation of masks with Lick it up, I eager to watch the clip unmasked. It was really cool to see them clean guys gave a gáz the banda. In 1984 Animalize bought and loved the Heavens on fire, great music and guitars with very fast and heavy!! In the Asylum and Crazy nigths only met in 1993, as the banda in Brazil had been a little offstage in Brazil, and as there was no internet was hard to follow, but I really like the 2 albums. KISS back in 1987 with the ballad Forever with everything that blew up in Brazil playing in the novel, the album is very good tb. But it was in 1992 that the KISS returns with gáz passing the full clip God Gave Rock n 'roll to you, moved me because the clip reached the Top 1 of the tv. Then came the mighty Unholy and logo, and then the Fantastic ALIVE 3. In 1994, KISS was 16 back in Brazil at the Monsters of Rock and went to watch them. The show was fabulozo, the Sphinx was very beautiful and the musicians were in full musical competence. Pena had not played Rock n 'roll all nite, but in return put God of thunder. I followed the acoustic MTV and consider the best sound of all time, the band did return the masks. In 1996 accompanied by his magazines back classical pq had no internet, I was very happy with the return. mágivs the back. In 1998 I heard the single Psycho Circus was infectious and the music is wonderful. I bought the album the week it came to Brazil imported from the USA. In 1999 the band returned to Brazil and made a late show at Interlagos. I thought the magic back and the band was really excited and gripped everyone. From 2000 through 2009 followed by the band KISS ONLINE forums and the Brazilian KISS ARMY hoping to see sa banda in Brazil again. In 2009 the band returned to Brazil with ALIVE 35 tour and made a spectacular show higher than in 1994 and 1999. Loved the show!! SONIC BOOM launched ebay and I bought the disc is a score of 10, just great songs. In 2012 the band returned with the Monsters tour and made the BEST show in Brazil in ARENA ANHEMBI. That energy, that stage smash!!! I was at the hotel to take photos with the band on the day of the show. It was magical!! The KISS changed my life and made me more happy and at peace with life. It's a beautiful philosophy of fun, because the band has this ideology!! LOVE KISS!!! I like the current lineup of KISS: Paul, Gene, Tommy and Eric, they are competent and dedicated to banda. I like the energy of the band is revitalized!! NOTE 10!!! I'm a rocker thanks to KISS I'm all disks and fan of this wonderful band!!! Thank you for you guys there!!! Keep returning to Brazil, we love you!!! Ps: I have no fluent English then translated by google. Kisses!!!! Ricardo Leon F. Serikawa.
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