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Posted on 01/19/2013
I live in Sweden and since the early 80's, the "KISS" followed with me at all times. When I was in school, I could sometimes dream away into a KISS concert. I can even do today 25 years later. KISS is something unique and I am very happy to KISS continued year after year. 80's KISS has a special place in my heart and I hope that I enjoy KISS 50-year celebration in 2023 also. I've seen lots of KISS concerts over the years and I have collected on LP, CD, VHS, DVD, to name some. To follow the KISS's like to follow a favorite team in sports. And what a great moment when I sat with my sons and watched "I love it loud" video for the first time. It almost felt like going in a time machine brings me back to the 80s. I look forward to seeing KISS 2013 in Stockholm (June 1), Sweden Rock Festival (June 6) and Copenhagen (11 June) Magnus Fredriksson, Gothenburg, Sweden
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