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Posted on 01/19/2013
With simple words is impossible to describe a man who became a hero, the man who changed the world with his amazing ability to be perfect, to me, the greatest frontman of rock and roll with the best band in the world, can be also the guy who changed the lives of people, but when you become an idol, has no way to describe what we feel, but its a love far greater than any other, that love is sincere and I proud to be your fan. I know you Paul, will never read this, but I want that the world know, that I and millions of people in the world love you, and I am forever grateful to you for having and being this legend, on January 20, 1952, was born a wonderfull men and one of the best artist the world has ever seen, Stanley Harvey Eisen, YOU born to shine and LIVE TO WIN! My congratulations, you deserve everything that you had and if we got the best, its because you are the best! kisses, with love.
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