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my life as a hardcore KISS fan in the late 70s

Posted on 01/19/2013
first thing i want to say is being a kiss fan in the late 70s was a totally different animal than it is today.... i became a kiss fan in the summer 77,i was 13 at the time,love gun was my first kiss album,i was in junior high at the time,everybody in my school and neighborhood hated kiss,except for me and a few of my friends.i was literally the only person in my whole junior high and high school who had the balls to wear kiss t-shirts to school,the handfull of other kiss fans from my area were afraid to even admit they were kiss fans... but to me kiss was everything,the music the image the show,they were and still are the ultimate hard rock/metal band!!! cant tell u how many arguments i got into with kiss haters. i lived and breathed kiss,i could tell u every song on every album in the order they came on the albums,i new everything about kiss more than anybody i had ever met! i saw kiss twice on love gun tour,once at the la forum and the magic moutain show. which to this day is the best kiss show i had ever fuckin seen! twice on dynasty tour and once on creatures far as the first make up era kiss. and every tour since. out of the 35 years i been a kiss fan,those first 3 or 4 years were the most memorable,because it was a day to day grind dealing with kiss haters,any old school real kiss fans out there know exactly what im talking about,the one's who werent afraid to stand up for what they believe in!!!
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