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You Wanted The Best

Posted on 01/20/2013
Ive been a KISS Fan ever since i can remember, as a small child my dad used to blast their records throughout the house so i was either going to love it or hate it, fortunately the Music was so good i ended up loving it. the first KISS Album i ever got was revenge for my 9th Birthday and it carried on from there. from listening to my dad's KISS Albums to buying them for myself to have my own copies to wear out like a lot of KISS Fans ive taken a lot of stick for liking the band, people who dont understand and cant get past the makeup and laugh at the band. their loss KISS is more than a band its a way of life, once the disease of KISS gets you your hooked for Life ive only managed to see the band live once in glasgow in 2010 on the sonic boom tour but it was well the wait, finally seeing the band brought tears to my eyes and i just hope they'll come to glasgow sooner rather than later. happy 40th to the greatrst band that ever lived you wanted the best you got the best KISSSSSS
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