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My memories

Posted on 01/20/2013
I remember my first Kissmas. I was getting ready for bed, and my older sister had gotten the album, Kiss Alive!. I heard her playing it, and I was a fan instantly. I was, at that time, hooked on country music, which I still enjoy. I was a Johnny Cash fan, as well as Elvis Presley. But when I heard Kiss Alive!, I needed to hear that album every day. I had to have every album, and pretended I was Gene, not seeing him live at all back then. I bought as many mags as I could with KISS in them, hoping there would be a day that I could see them live. Eventually I did, but by that time, they weren't the original albums. I lost interest for a while, until the "reunion" tour (after all, KISS has always been KISS), in 1997. I had to go. I sat in my seat, and behind me were 4 "kids", painted up in KISS makeup. I was talking with them, and none of them had ever seen the magic that was about to take place. When KISS came out, I was absolutely in tears, and these kids behind me were just silent for the first opening songs. I turned around, and they looked at me and they were in awe. I was surrounded by young kids, teenagers, parents with kids, grandparents, etc. I have not missed a show that comes through my state since. KISS is KISS, and I will love this band forever. Steve
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