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Rock & Roll All Nite

Posted on 01/21/2013
I remember watching Countdown in Australia in about1975 and seeing the clip for "Rock & Roll All Nite" that was it for me, I have been a fan ever since, I am 52 now and still love to watch my video's of the early gigs, Unplugged was great. You guys set a standard that in my opinion has not been achieved by ANY other band, the theatrics the make-up, just fantastic. I have never seen you guys live, so if Australia is on the agenda for this 2013 "world tour" after 37 years of being a fan maybe I will come to the show, regardless of my chronic Tinnitus. I must say I loved the rawness of "Dressed to Kill" it is one of my favourite albums. Keep Rocking, Regards Tony Lucas
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