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The importance of KISS

Posted on 01/21/2013
My first memories of Kiss were when I was a little kid in my uncle's house. I just remember loving the chorus on Rock And Roll All Nite and the cover of Creatures Of The Night. I used to wear my grandma's jewelry pretending I was a member of Kiss and of course,I was always sticking my tongue out. But for me, Kiss was really important when I was a misfit teen in High School. I remember how I coudn't fit in my class, was a really unhappy time in my life. And then came the Kiss Unplugged and the Reunion Tour. Whenever I had a rough time in class, I could always go back to watch the MTV unplugged and listen to the old records in celebration of the reunion.At that time, I felt like they were my best fiends.They were always there for me. And to top it off, I fulfilled my dream in June 2008 when I bought the Meet And Greet package for a concert in Denmark and met my heroes. Happy 40th birthday, here's to 40 more !!!
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