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KISS came to tupelo ms

Posted on 01/21/2013
it was 1996 and kiss came to tupelo ms home of elvis presley.with 1 of our so called churchs outside protesting kiss being here.i finaly got some very greatfloor seat after standing in line for hours.the night of the show myself and a few friends put on our kiss gear and went to the hottest band in the worlds show, as i walk in to the front doors i walk by the protestors with them seeing me in 7 inch heal and all the gear they ran got on there bus and put the windows up.i must have done a great job at looking like paul stanley it freaked them out .i love it because while they was outside more than hafe of there members was inside having the greatest time of there lifes watching kiss perform .it was my sons frist concert and he was on 4 he called gene the rock and roll man .he loved the show and we went out back to try to me kiss but they made us leave but it was great, and i had to give my son a gene simmons action figure,so i think as many times as i have seen kissthis was the best only thing could make it better is if i could meet them 1 day befor i die.kiss rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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