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Posted on 01/21/2013
from the time my son was old enough to listen and appreciate music he has been a kiss fan and from that his father and i have become fans. from standing in line at lamours in brooklyn all of mothers day to the new years eve show in jersey we've been to it all as we could. from getting gene's autograph at a radio station in jersey to front row at any meet and greet we could get to. having MY jacket signed by paul, my son giving them all awards in canada for their work with veterans. they are the greatest guys in never disappointing my son or anyone with their undivided attention that they give him as a fan. they have never been uppity or indifferent to any of their fans from what i have seen and the concerts we have attended in new york and new jersey have never been disappointed.some of the best times we had as a family was going to the concerts and conventions. it's sad that my son is so far away and my husband has passsed and i won't get to experience them anymore
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