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A life saved by KISS

Posted on 01/21/2013
The subject bar is that Kiss saved my life. A truer statement I could not possibly write. Someday soon I hope to write a book detailing how in great depth details will be released. Until then I can celebrate openly how a band that the critics have slammed for being shallow could have provided so much depth as to save a person from darkness. I was 8 years old and when I was introduced to KISS. I am not sure why but their music resonated with me in a way even then that few things ever have. Songs like Mr. Make Believe, Lick it Up and others became staples of my life. Life seemed great for me. I was oblivious to our perpetual poverty, and my fatherís daily drug abuse. My father killed himself on April 13th 1996. The poverty grew worse as a result. I was bullied and beaten daily at school. Even school administrators took part in the bullying. It seemed true during that time tears were falling. However, we were able to move away from that area to Philadelphia. I even got to see KISS for the first time live during the Psycho Circus tour. In high school it felt like I walked alone and was invisible to everyone. Still I had KISS. The depression over my fatherís death was lifted when I listened to KISS and they gave me a reason to believe things would change. In high school no one understood my love for KISS and I lacked the ability to express just how much KISS meant to me. But I knew even then KISS had saved my life and brought me up from a deep depression. I finally found a family like connection and as the song says we are one. The family I was adopted into gave me hope, love and joy. They encouraged me to follow my dreams wherever they may take me. I moved out to Utah to peruse my education and saw KISS more times. There was the Farewell Tour, and the Rockus Maximus Tour. After which I assumed KISS had left for good, except in their music. I fell in love and lost it and fell in love again and KISS was there. When I met my wife we joke she never understood just how much KISS was a part of my life. She soon learned. When our daughter was brought home in 2006 it was only fitting that Rock and Roll all Night was played. In November of 2009 I was able to introduce my wife to KISS via a live show during the ALIVE 35 tour. MY wife along with my 4 year old daughter and best friend came with me to see them twice during the hottest show on earth tour including the first date of the tour. Now 20 years later KISS is just as much a part of my life. I had the chance to go on the KISS Kruise II and meet the band. The highlight of the Kruise was Paul taking time to say hello to my daughter on video because she could not come with us. We will not be able to attend the 3rd Kruise because of a new daughter being born in April but will be on the 4th one for sure. Words will never express the appreciation I have for KISS and how much their music has touched my life. Though the membership of the band has changed the message has not. Incidentally, while I love the original line up this one is musically the best in my opinion. Perhaps the greatest thing I have learned from KISS in almost 21 years of being a fan is LIVE to WIN. Thank You KISS you saved my life.
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