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My history!

Posted on 01/21/2013
Hello! I'm Helenyce and I'm 21. You arrived in São Paulo (Brazil), Anhembi, for the show in November 17th, 2012. I went with my friend, Aline. We loved the show, very special these hours seeing you! But, in the return to my home, I needed to cath a bus before some trains, but alone, she lives far from me. I arrived on Barra Funda station at 00:30 a.m. and there I found two guys returning by the show too. So, I didn't talk to then in the train. When I came in my city to cath the bus, doesn't have any bus due the time: 01:00 a.m. I was desperate.... I was returning to train station and in the track I saw that boys and I asked to them... I didn' know what I was making, some dangerous... Without any money, no one to bring me to home and I was hunger! I went to them in a local fast food and after I asked them phones. We return in a taxi to home. So, I continued talking to them by the phone and by the facebook. One by them, Rodrigo (on the photo) captivated me with his tender way, he's 19 and very inteligent and romantic! Some days pasted and we met again. So, we thought: how can we live in the same city, go to same points and have to go to see the KISS for we meet? 2 months ago and... love is the air! Our song is Nothing Can Keep Me From You, and I have one thing to tell you: Thanks a lot! I found the love of my life! Thank you very much! Thanks KISS! (So, I don't speak English so fine, and I'm sorry for this!) And I love you, KISS!
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