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Posted on 01/22/2013
I was introduced to KISS when I was in the 8th grade, in math class, I sat at the back table with this long hair rocker guy, he was drawing some pictures instead of doing math work, I said "what the heck are those guys?" he told me "Man, some new band called KISS!!, they wear make-up and rock out!!" I started drawing them, never even heard their music!! I finally saved up enough to by my first 8 TRACK CASSETTE (anyone remember those?) of KISS ALIVE! I have never looked back, I have been fortunate to have seen them live nine times in four different arenas & two states! My daughter (24) has seen them 3 times and has taken me to two concerts just because she loves her daddy! My thanks to you for being in my life all this time!! Sincerely, Mike Farmer Carson, Ca.
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